Carl Peterson

The Montreal Years

The Montreal Years

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A re-release of Carl's two solo albums from the 1970's, when he was living and performing in Montreal.

A Man With a Song in His Heart (1972)

  • I've Gotta Gift
  • Ballad Of Sam Hall
  • Sunshine
  • I Once Loved A Lass
  • A Man With A Song In His Heart
  • I'm A Rover
  • I Passed By
  • I'd Rather Be Gone
  • Without Sun, Without Rain
  • Black Velvet Band

Folksongs (1974)

  • Glorious Green
  • Lord of the Dance
  • Mingulay Boat Song
  • Banks of the Roses
  • The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
  • The Stable Boy
  • The Griffon
  • You Were There
  • Long Time Down
  • Walking you Home
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