Carl Peterson

A Faerie Place

A Faerie Place

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Traditional songs, Child ballads, poems written by Victorian era poets put to music, and one Norwegian folk song. These are songs about fairies, elves, silkies, and other unearthly creatures.

Includes lyric book, with information about the songs.

  1. The Fairies (W. Allingham, C.Peterson)
  2. The Fairy Fiddler (N. Chesson, C. Peterson)
  3. Fairy Queen (O'Carolan)
  4. Highland Fairy Lullaby (traditional)
  5. The Wee, Wee Man (Child #38, C.Peterson)
  6. The Fairy Boy (S. Lover)
  7. Sidhe Beag Sidhe Mohr (O'Carolan)
  8. Thomas the Rhymer (Child #37)
  9. The Fairy Ring (J.R. Drake)
  10. The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry (Child #181)
  11. Monday Tuesday (traditional)
  12. A Faery's Love Song (Tha Mi Sgith) (traditional)
  13. Paul's Little Hen (traditional)
  14. The Elfin Knight (Child #2)
  15. King of the Fairies (traditional)
  16. Queen of Elfin's Nurse (Child #40, C.Peterson)
  17. What Must a Fairy's Dream Be (S. Foster)
  18. Tam Lin (Child #39)

Tracks 3, 7, 15 arranged and performed by Robert Mouland. All other tracks arranged by Carl Peterson.

CD and Lyrics: $14.00


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