Carl Peterson

Auld Scotch Sangs

Auld Scotch Sangs This collection of songs dates from the auld border ballads, to 20th century songs. Included are songs of unrequited love and battles lost; songs of labor, farming and fishing; songs for children and songs for adults. But all truly auld Scotch songs. Songs worth preserving, songs that can croon you to sleep, make you dance or tell stories of the past.
  • The Auld Scotch Sangs
  • The Rose of Allandale
  • Bogie's Bonnie Belle
  • The Flowers of the Forest
  • Shy Geordie
  • Willie's Gane Tae Melville Castle
  • Mattie Groves
  • Barbara Allen
  • The Bonnie Earl of Murray
  • A Tiree Love Song
  • Dance Tae Yer Daddy
  • John O' Dreams
CD $12.00

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