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December 12, 2007

Well it seems like some time since I've reported any news and believe me I have come under fire for not being more diligent on this. It's not that nothing has been happening all this time because it has.

I've had a wonderfull year and there is so much to tell you about but let me start with the latest more recent news. It seems I won "The Vintage Album of the Year" presented by the Southern Heritage Music Association. The awards were broadcast live, over The Dixie Broadcasting internet radio, last Monday evening at 9pm and many of my friends and fans tuned in judging by the number of emails I received next day. I would like to thank them all for their support and needless to say I would not have won without their help, so a million thanks to you all. The SHMA who sponsors these awards was formed to promote Southern music especially to try to get larger radio stations to recognise the music and the artists who sing and play this music. The fact that a lot of the music from the South has it's roots in Scottish and Irish music is where I fit right in and I've had a great time with the time and research I put into Songs Of The South with Bagpipes and Banjos and Scotland Remembers the Alamo. I do have plans for more but more on that later.

I'm still working on my next book about Ewan Colin Coupar and his school pals as the delve into the world of The Faerie Folk. I can't put a time when it will be completed but rest assured I am back on track with this. I don't have to travel now until April when I travel to San Antonio for Tartan Day and the San Antonio Highland Games so I will be writing. I have also made a new friend in New Zealand who was born in Scotland but now resides down under. His name is Charles Rowan and he has been writing some interesting songs, one of which I have recorded. It's called God Bless St Andrew. He's written one for Tartan Day which I will get to after all the holiday season is over. Once again more on that later.

The past year was especially fun, took more time off, played more golf, did some sailing and generally decided to cut back on some of the games and concerts so I could fit in more leasure time. Grandfather Mountain Scottish Games was a great time this year as it always is and one other weekend I particulary enjoyed was my two concerts in Foxburg, PA. While there I played on the oldest running open golf course in America, only a nine hole course but it was fun. My thanks to Dr Steffee and Mr Weiss for having me up there and for inviting me back this coming year. The weather all year was fabulous, lots of sunshine for the festivals wiping out the memory of last years few cancellations because of rain and storms. I know there should be lots more to mention but my one finger is getting cramps as I type this out (just kidding). I will close for the time being with the promise I will try to update more often in the future.

Do have a wonderful Holiday Season, A Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year.

April 6, 2007

Greetings to all you tartan lovers out there! April the 6th is tartan Day. I celebrated by singing and giving speeches in San Antonio, Texas and at the Alamo last weekend, one week early. Had a great time, the weather was perfect.

Now I'm off to Lexington, Virginia for a Scottish Festival on April 14th. The season's shaping upto be a busy one. Back at you later.

Cheers, Carl

February 25, 2007

One more thing that I wanted to mention...

I now have a site on myspace music section:

It's still new, but it does have some songs that can be listened to and downloaded, some pictures, schedule and stuff. I'll update it when I can (and you know how I am at updating!).

Cheers, Carl

February 22, 2007

Excuse my tardiness in keeping this news page up to date. The winter is almost past and I have not done much performing except at the Kutztown Folk music Society performance where I drew the biggest crowd of the season. Also, a most enjoyable visit to Richmond for their Burn's night.

Recently the Drambeauties, a three girl group (two from Texas and one from Massachusetts), visited me for the purpose of recording a CD. We recorded 14 songs and the main purpose was to do some of the classic folk duets. It is now in the mixing stage and hopefully will be ready within the month. It was a lot of fun and we're all looking forward to the release of the (as yet untitled) CD.

I am currently updating my schedule for the coming spring, summer and fall. There will be a new festival in Lexington, VA on April 14th, which I am looking forward to becuase I have a lot of friends in the area. It will be run by a Scottish Irish store owned by a Scotsman John Morman and his Irish wife Mary Jo. If you're from that area let your friends know and let's make it a success. Besides myself, you will be entertained by Virginia Highlands Pipes & Drums, Warpipe, Robin Rich, and Poison Dwarf.

For those of you wondering about my new book, Ewan Colin Coupar and the Land of the Mists, it's still in the works and I'm working hard at it. I think it's going to take a few months.

That's it the noo, back at you soon. Looking forward to another great year seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Cheers, Carl

November 18, 2006

Just returned from another great weekend in Salado Texas at the Gathering of the Clans festival and I wanted to share some of my images. First is me in my "Texas Look", can you see that the wind is blowing?

This next picture (to the right) features a right handsome crew of fellows. Adrin Fletcher is in the center, he pretty much runs the festival in Salado. I'm to the left and Russ, the excellent sound man, is to the right. Adrin's two sons are on either end.

And here I am with Jim Waters who owns The Caledonian Kitchen, which makes some of the best haggis you'll ever taste! You can buy it Here! Along with great stew and cakes.

Happy Christmas!
Cheers, Carl

October 26, 2006

I received some e-mails from some old friends recently and they mentioned how time flies. Kids all grown up and off to college etc. and I suddenly realized that I hadn't updated the newspage for quite some time. It seems I always start off apologizing for not keeping the newspage up-to-date, some things just don't change I suppose.

So here we are approaching winter and not looking forward to the cold months ahead with one festival left to do in Salado Texas. My next gigs will be in January. One at the Kutztown Folk Music Society on January 12th and one Burns supper in Richmond Virginia January 27th. If anybody plans to attend either of these events and needs more details please contact me by e-mailing me.

Now I am looking forward to less time traveling and more time to concentrate on my book writing with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching. I have some recording projects in mind for the winter but I will get into more detail once I start them. I did manage to finish the double CD on Pirates songs. It is now available.

Looking back on my last entry I noticed I did mention running a marathon. Unfortunately I developed achilles tendonitis so I have not been running very much recently. I have decided to postpone running a marathon until early next year. I have however kept in shape by cycling and other forms of exercise.

Looking back it has been a good year, apart from a couple of rain outs. You can't control the weather all the time, you can only hope for the best. Oh by the way, speaking of Christmas you may want to check our sister web site for some good Christmas shopping. We have lots of inexpensive stocking stuffers, cans of haggis, Barr's Irn Bru, Christmas music on CDs, toothpick flags, jelly bracelets, lapel pins and much more. I could go on, but check it out for yourself. Well that's it for now. As soon as the holiday period is over I will be planning my schedule for next year.

Until then, Cheers and "a' ra best".
Cheers, Carl

July 19, 2006

It's been some time since I updated this page. So let's go back to the last time. My son Devin won silver in the Long Jump at the Pennsylvania State final Track & Field competitions, and although they were ranked second in the 4x100 relay Devin pulled his ham string on the third leg and the team ended up taking 8th place. Kutztown is the smallest High School in Berks County but they had more representation at the State finals then any other Berks County school, so the team had a lot to be proud of, as another teammate, Josh Neyhart, took the silver in the mile race.

As for me, I did manage to run the 5-mile Bear Run at Grandfather Mountain, and finish! And I ran the Kilted Mile on Sunday, finishing 4th. Speaking of Grandfather Mountain Devin did not attend this year, but it turned out to be a wonderful weekend, with perfect weather and lots of fun.

The Drifters album has been finished and can be bought Here.

After Graeme Park on July 22nd, I'll be taking a week long vacation in the Adirondacks with my wife's family, which includes four sisters, husbands and children, and other relations. Lots of golf will be played!

I will spend August doing some road races with 10k and 20k races included in preparation for my anticipated run in the Philadelphia Marathon later this fall.

Apart from continuing my novel about Ewan Colin Coupar and his companions and their adventures, closer to the fall I'll be starting on a new album of Pirate Songs. An anticipated venture for this winter is a project I have in mind that involves several CDs entitled Rivers of America. More that later....

Once again, that's it the noo!
Cheers, Carl

May 25, 2006

My apologies for not keeping this page up to date. But here we are again approching Memorial Day weekend. Instead of going to Alma, MI this year I'm going to watch my son, Devin, compete in the State final Track & Field competitions. He's competing in the long jump, 4x100 relay and 4x400 relay. I'll let you know how he does. In the Fall he'll be attending Temple University.

My marathon training may not have me ready for the Grandfather Mountain marathon, but I certainly will be ready to at least run the Bear (a 5 mile run up the mountain), on the Thursday evening. Apart from singin' through the rest of the weekend, I may also compete in some of the track and field events. Devin will also be competing, hoping to repeat athlete of the day.

My daughter Kirstin will be taking a break from her studies at Kutztown University, but will continue again in the Fall in her quest towards a degree in Geology.

My six concert tour in April was a grand success, with three standing ovations and encores. I went to Austin, MN, the Spam capital of the world, and to Dennison, IA the birthplace of actress Donna Reed, and to the geographical center of North America in Rugby, ND. Ely, MN was a fantastic resort to do a concert and Sterling, CO and Medford, WI rounded out the tour.

Behind us now are the Fairhill Games in Maryland, but the season is looking good with performances in the Steppingstone Museum, MD, Graeme Park in Horsham, PA, and the grand-daddy of them all Grandfather Mountain, NC. Check my schedule for the rest of the year. Additional dates will be added as they are confirmed.

The CD of the Drifters songs is close to completion, as are some of the other recording projects that I mentioned in my previous letter. The book is also coming along, Ewan Colin Coupar is anxious to tell the world his story, but it will still take a few months to complete. My first book "Now's the Day and Now's the Hour" about the Alamo is still selling well and can be found in the Alamo gift store and also on, as well as here on my website.

That's it the noo! Enjoy the summer and hopefully I'll get back at you soon.
Cheers, Carl

January 8, 2006

A guid new year to one and all!

I start off this year with a Robert Burns dinner in Pittsburgh. Then I'll be back on the concert circuit in early April before the Festival season starts. In between time I'll be playing golf (weather permitting) and working on my new book, a Scottish fantasy. It's all about a young fellow, Ewan Colin Coupar, who was born in Scotland but spends the first 5 years of his life in England, before moving back to Scotland. In Scotland he discovers he has a touch of the Fae (as they say in Scotland) which means he has connections to the fairy folk. On discovering some of his school mates also have a touch of the Fae, it launches them into a tremendous adventure. This will take a considerable amount to time to complete so I will be traveling less in an effort to put more work into the book.

One thing I would like to do also, this year, is to get back into some serious running and perhaps attempt the Grandfather Mountain Marathon in July. My son Devin took Track & Field Athelete of the Day honors there in 2004 and will be returning with me to reclaim his title.

Having run the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon several times I'd like to have another go at them. Although one has to qualify for the Boston Marathon I hope to run in 2007 by running in the Marine Corps Marathon in 2006 (Washington, D.C.) Click Here to see some of my past marathon finishes! So between concerts, festivals, golf, running and writing the book I seem to have set myself a busy schedule for 2006.

I'm also still working on another book, a history of the King-Beezz, and compiling all my recordings from the past into a collection. These recordings will include selections from my years with the PatMacs, and solo albums released in Canada. Also, I'm still working on a CD of songs found in James Michener's novel The Drifters. These songs are sung by a young folk singer in the novel named Gretchen. The songs are from Professor J Childs collection (the Child Ballads) and other Scottish folk songs. Hopefully that will be ready by spring.

That's it the noo! I'm Looking forward to meeting up with you all again.
Cheers, Carl

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