Carl Peterson


"One man. One guitar. One incredible concert. ... The lone artist had a beautiful voice and a manner that made him instantly likable. ... Sometimes when an artist asks an audience to play a role, the reaction is one of hesitancy. This was not the case Friday. People readily joined in and seemed to take great pleasure, particularly in the singing. Peterson made them feel comfortable. So did the music. At concert's end, he was presented with a standing ovation."

Goldsboro News-Argus

"There is always such delight in hearing and watching a true professional with his masterful stage presence and infinite good humor. Not to be negated is Mr. Peterson's wonderful voice and his expertise as a guitarist. Each song was prefaced with a story, historical or whimsical, delivered in such a way as to capture the hearts and sensibilities of the concert goers. ... Interesting to this reviewer were the glimpses of history and origins of songs. Mr. Peterson made them all so interesting as well as melodic. The artist closed the program with the anthem recognized as the national anthem of Scotland, :The Flower of Scotland." Although he commented that it was not necessary for us to stand during the playing, we were moved to stand in tribute to a beautiful country so well represented by Carl Peterson."

Oroville, (Calif) Mercury-Register

Carl Peterson elevated the 7th Annual Southern Heritage Conference to a new level with the addition of the Confederate Ceilidh. For the many Southerners of Scots descent, Peterson pulled together the Southern/Celtic connection with his music in a special way. His blending of traditional Scottish songs using 19th Century Southern words, that appear on his albums, Songs of the South, Bagpipes and Banjos and Scotland Remembers the Alamo brought clearer meaning to the Southern/Celtic connection.

Southern Heritage Conference, Laurel, MS

"Probably for the first time in the 60-year history of the Concert Association, the audience enthusiastically participated in a sing-a-long with Peterson."

Norwich Evening Sun

"We've just had our opening concert of the 97-'98 season, a roaring success with Carl Peterson! He was friendly, so down-to-earth, so accomodating! Our people loved him! ... He wandered around the lobby visiting with folks, ... and everybody enjoyed it. ... Heck of a fine evening! All 500 of the programs we ordered were gone, many times that doesn't happen."

Susan Tuft, President, Concerts Association, Burley, ID

"Sweet may not be the correct term to describe his concert, but it was just that! ... As a single performer, Carl proved he could carry our auditorium which can seat 2000 people."

Joy Novato, President, Live at the Civic, Helena, MT

"Scottish singer Carl Peterson was the stellar attraction for the opening night of Lake City Community Concert's 35th season held at the Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center. Peterson won the hearts of the standing-room only audience..."

Lake City Florida

Carl Peterson

Presenter's Reports

Community Concert (Berlin, NH)
"The audience really enjoyed Mr. Peterson. He has a presentation that really engages an audience." - Guy Stever, Stage Manager

Tulsa Performing Arts Center (Tulsa, OK)
"Carl Peterson gave a wonderful performance for our first Celtic event of the season. Besides having a great voice, he is very skillful in the way he gets the audience involved. Carl was extremely gracious and visited with the audience for more than an hour after the show. A very favorable review also appeared in our local newspaper." - Terry Grufik, Program Director

Dartmouth Community Concert Association (Dartmouth, NS)
A personable and entertaining performer. - V.L. Davidson, Concert Chair

York County Community Concerts (Saco, ME)
"It was an excellent program. As the audience left after the performance, the comments heard were very positive." - Eliln L. White, Secretary

Midland Community Concerts (Midland, TX)
"Exceptional person who had a genuine desire to entertain. He made an effort to meet the public before and after the concert. He was well received and appealed to a wide variety of interest." - Billy Gilbreath, House Manager

Pekin Concert Association (Pekin, IL)
"The audience couldn't have been more pleased. His presentation of humor, song and background couldn't have been better." - Dick Schermer, President

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